Little Bean ruby pendant

Ruby Gemstone Pendant

We’re obsessed with this spectacular mixture of ruby and gold. Vibrant, eye-catching and out-of-the-ordinary, this gorgeous combination juxtaposes an 18 carat gold vermeil sterling silver bean with a bold, cabochon cut ruby.

Created by gemstone geniuses Juvi Designs, this is a dainty but unquestionably striking piece. These two contrasting stones catch the light and demand attention, attracting compliments despite their delicate, diminutive size.

A cabochon cut is another favourite at the Little Luxury Store. Unlike a faceted stone, a cabochon cut gem is entirely smooth and polished, bringing out the natural glow, colour and resonance of precious materials. Cabochon cut rubies offer an unusual and beautiful alternative to their typical, faceted, sparkling incarnations – we love this extra special point of difference.

A covetable treat for yourself or a stunning present for a friend, wear the Little Bean pendant as part of a layered daytime look, or with a bold shade with gold accents for en pointe evening wear.



18ct gold Vermeil

Ruby charm apx 1.5cm x 1cm

The chain measures 40cm with a 5cm extension for a perfect fit

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Gold vermeil is a layer of gold over sterling silver, and requires a little care and attention. Always remove your gold vermeil jewellery when applying scent, lotions and potions, or even better, always put your jewellery on last when getting dressed.

Never wear your gold vermeil jewellery in the shower or when swimming. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolour your gold vermeil jewellery.

Gently clean your gold vermeil jewellery with a soft polishing cloth. As with all fine things in life, you should take care to protect your jewellery and always store in a jewellery box, taking care not to drop, or scratch.

Gemstone hardness is based on a standard called the Mohs scale, where the higher the Mohs scale number, the harder the stone; conversely, the lower the Mohs scale number, the more susceptible the stone is to scratching, chipping, and breaking. It is important to consider this when cleaning, wearing and storing your gemstone jewellery.

The build-up of hand cream, finger prints and general dirt is common amongst your most loved jewellery, and can easily be cleaned. As a rule of thumb, gemstones at 7 and above on the Mohs scale can be cleaned with warm water, a touch of mild detergent and a soft brush. For gemstones less than 7, swap the soft brush for a soft cloth.

Many gemstones are also susceptible to damage by chemicals, water and even sunlight, where prolonged exposure to the latter may cause them to become paler. Examples include amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, aventurine, beryl, citrine, kunzite, rose and smoky quartz.

Some gemstones such as opal, pearl and turquoise are fairly porous and should not be immersed in water for too long.

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The Designer

Juvi designs are Inspired by the warmth and vibrancy of natural elements, an award winning jewellery collection, Juvi Designs, source the most beautiful gemstones from around the World and transform them into stunning pieces of jewellery at their studio in Dublin. Founders and Designers Vincent Tynan & Julie Danz have a bold approach to jewellery design. Using precious and semi precious gemstones such as Ruby, Aquamarine, Turquoise and Amethyst set in sterling silver and gold vermeil, the pair create jewellery that is stunning yet practical enough to be worn every day. “Our philosophy is quite simple, we want to offer affordable luxury. It is important for women to spoil themselves occasionally, without feeling guilty. If a piece of Juvi can do that, then we are truly delighted!”